NEC SL1000 Hybrid System
優 惠 一

NEC SL1000 Main Unit(4+8)With Caller ID
主機控制箱內置4街線8分機 & 來電顯示

NEC SL1000 12 Key Display Phone With H/F
12按鍵LCD 顯示話機/免堤功能

特惠價: $ 5,360

[1] Please note that it will be customer's responsibility to provide all wiring conduit and trunking as may required.
[2] Extension wire must not exceed 50m within the flat on the same floor.
[3] Delivery can be arranged within one month after receiving your purchase order and 50 % deposit.
[4] Confirmed Orde of 7 Days Materials

Price quoted include
[1] System Installation and Standard Wiring
[2] Eighteen Year Free Warrranty For NEC SL1000 System

*For any inquiry, Please do not hesitate to contact: Mr. Lam ( 8209 1966 )